Add $1-$10 Million To Your Business Using Acquisitions


For agencies, medical practices and Ecommerce / Amazon owners

BY Alex Nghiem

Are you tired of growing at 5 to 10% per year? Do you want to sell your business and don't want to wait 10 years to get there using organic growth? Do you want to buy a company but think you need to be a Wall Street player first?


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  • The 7-step process to quickly grow and become the dominant player using acquisitions even if you're only doing $1 million in sales

  • Detailed case studies of how different owners grew 300% to 500% faster than their competitors using acquisitions

  • What you must do to integrate your acquisitions so you can maximize your ROI

  • How to use acquisitions to sell your business up to 5 years faster and at a maximum price

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agencies, medical practices and ecommerce / Amazon sellers